Dear Church Family,

Each of you continues to be very much in my heart and prayers.

I hope that today you will take time to draw near to God in Christ and experience the outpouring of the peace and joy which can only be found in him. I am committed to investing more of my spare time in listening to him through his Word, enjoying his presence in prayer, and reaching out to others in his love, than in listening to the unending stream of COVID-19 reports, that so easily distract and unsettle the heart.

Here are two songs with very different styles and settings, yet similar message. You can tuck them away for a time when you are feeling anxious and sensing the need our our Lord’s encouragement.

Choral Anthem “Be Not Afraid”:

Solo “Be Not Afraid”:

As we go through a time when our sanctuary is empty, let us make our homes sanctuaries of worship, and so magnify his Name and multiply his praises.

Please feel free to call , email, or text with any ways I can be of support.

With great affection in our Lord,
Pastor Paul