Presbyterian Women’s Ministry

We are a ministry within Toccoa Presbyterian Church that brings women together to nurture spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, gatherings, and service.  We provide many opportunities to minister in our church, in our community, and to the world.  We would love for you to be a part of our family!

Our Mission Statement

To know and trust God; to learn and teach God’s Word; and to put faith and knowledge into practice.

Our Core Purposes

  1. To provide encouragement, support, and enrichment that help to foster our women’s spiritual growth in Biblical principles and doctrine.
  2. To be instruments of God’s goodness, mercy, and forgiveness in prayer, word, and deed to our church, community, and world.

How we carry out our Mission and Core Purposes—

  1. By specifically planning for biblically focused activities and events that help foster spiritual growth and lead others to Christ.
  2. By utilizing the varied gifts and talents of all the church’s women.
  3. By providing the women of our church opportunities for outreach that ministers to the needs of our church, community, and world.
  4. By staying focused on our Mission and Core Purposes, which will help direct and accomplish our goals.