Who We Are

We are a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

Our Mission

Toccoa Presbyterian Church is a community of believers, who desire to live our lives in a way that demonstrates the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives and empower us to spread the gospel so that others will know His unending love.

Our Core Values

Jesus-shaped Identity We believe Jesus Christ is at the center of our lives and making disciples of Christ at the core of our ministry.

Biblical Integrity We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, which teaches all that is necessary for faith and life. The prominence of God’s Word over our lives shapes our priorities. The authority of the Bible directs our actions and teaches us to live by His principles each and every day.

Thoughtful Theology We believe in theological education, constant learning, and the life of the mind, and celebrate this as one of the treasures of our Reformed heritage.

Accountable Community We believe guidance is a corporate spiritual experience. We seek to connect leaders to one another in healthy relationships of accountability, synergy, and care.

Egalitarian Ministry We believe in using the ministry gifts of everyone in our congregation — women, men, youth, and every ethnic group.

Mission Centrality We believe in living out the whole of the Great Commission — including evangelism, spiritual formation, compassion, and redemptive justice — in our communities and around the world.

Center-focused Spirituality We believe in calling people to become followers of Jesus Christ – what “mere Christianity” is and does.

Leadership Velocity We believe in identifying and developing gospel-centered leaders is critical for the church, and a great leadership culture is risk-taking, innovative, and organic.

Kingdom Vitality We believe our congregation should seek ways to reproduce new mission communities, which will expand the Kingdom of God.




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